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[game] Otome Game - Amnesia. An Introduction.

"The thoughts which are sleeping in the depths of your memory, the time to awaken, is now..."

Hi! So, in light of the upcoming release from Otomate and Idea Factory, I thought I'd try to get more people interested in the game? Well, also for those of you who are already anticipating the release, this might serve to make you more excited? Hopefully.

Anyway, this is NOT a review. Obviously. As the game has yet to be released. This is an introduction, or maybe you can call it "Amnesia 101" or something like teaser, preview, I don't know. For those of you who don't know anything about the game, it might be a good starter.

Before you proceed, yes, this post will have spoilers to some degree. Otomate has released some scenarios from the game, of which I have also translated for your reading pleasure! If you mind spoilers, don't scroll beyond the introduction!

The Specs;

Product Info.

Console: Playstation Portable

Language: JAPANESE only. No English.

Genre: Love Adventure for Women

Release Date: 18/08/2011

CERO: 15+

An Introduction;

What is it about?

A tale within a certain fictional town, within a certain fictional land, within a certain fictional world.

That is on the 1st of August.

The heroine wakes up in the morning to find that she has suddenly lost all her memories prior to August 1st. Whether it is how she has lived her life, or her relationships with the people around her, are as blank as a new sheet of paper.

And it is in front of her now, that a young boy, Orion, who calls himself a spirit, appeared. Under the guidance of Orion, the heroine struggles to retrieve her memories. Just when she was about to start searching through her daily life, a cell phone which appears to be hers, alerted something incoming.

―Displayed on the LCD screen was indeed, an 'unknown' name

Her meeting with 'him' who appears to be her 'boyfriend, a face and name she doesn't recognize. Under an ambiguous situation where she doesn't know who she should trust, the heroine acts so as to not make others realize that she has lost her memory.

As a result, this tale becomes intricately-intertwined.

Having no recollections of 'him', the heroine will weave a new love story from this day forward...

The Characters;

Who to expect?


Heroine (CV: none)

(Mandatory name input; no default name)

A girl who suddenly loses all her memory one day. While searching through her room and the people around her, she finds out various things concerning 'herself' starting with the basic information such as that she is a student and works part-time, but...

Orion (CV: Igarashi Hiromi)

"From now, you and I must work together to retrieve your memories."

A spirit which came from a completely different world. From the view of humans, he takes the appearance of a 10-year-old young boy.
On his way to the human world, entrusted with an errand, he collides with the heroine's spirit. For that trouble, Orion ends up trapped inside the heroine's mind. For the sake of each other's goals (retrieving the lost memories), he comes to support the heroine.


Shin (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

Age: 18
The antisocial and single-minded < hearts >

"You are precarious. I'll protect you, so don't leave me."

A young man who abruptly kisses the heroine who awakes from the hospital bed. He appears to be her childhood friend and boyfriend.
Stymied by the people around him for his father committing a murder, he is unfittingly cold for someone his age. There are not many things he will become emotional over, but once he has let someone into his inner world, he will show his benevolent side to them.

( ---Spoilers:  Shin's Self-Introduction, in collab with other characters. ) See end of post below.

Ikki (CV: Taniyama Kisho)

Age: 22
The charming < spades > who misleads women.

"Now, how should I make you fall victim to me?"

A sudden incoming alert comes to the heroine who awakes in her apartment home. The displayed name is unfamiliar to her, but it appears that he knows the heroine very well. After that, he comes to meet her at the apartment, but for some reason, he is flocked by many women... Evidently, he is a popular, young man, much like an idol. On top of that, he appears to be the heroine's boyfriend?

He has an idiosyncrasy where once a member of the opposite sex meets his eyes, "anyone will fall in love with him". He is a playboy, university student who has given up on the idea of an honest relationship and has surrendered himself to momentary pleasures.

He takes interest in the heroine who proves ineffective against his "eyes".

( ---Spoilers: Ikki's Self-Introduction, in collab with other characters. ) See end of post below.

Kent (CV: Ishida Akira)

Age: 25
The cool and rational < clubs >

"It seems I do possess a feeling which is strikingly similar to what is known as love."

In the cell phone of the heroine who awakes in her apartment, are a large number of one-worded messages like, 'Good Morning' and 'Goodnight'. The sender, Kent, appears to be a short-spoken boyfriend. He is a graduate from the Mathematics Department who always looks at things from a panoramic view.

He tends to get a kick out of phenomena which cannot be explained by reason and often takes surrounding people and their emotions as an observation target.

To him, even love is something which should be logically explainable.

( ---Spoilers: Kent's Self-Introduction, in collab with other characters. ) See end of post below.

Toma (CV: Hino Satoshi)

Age: 20
The affectionate and insane < diamonds >

"Call me if you're scared. I'll protect you."

When she awoke, the heroine finds herself collapsed on a street she doesn't recognize. And it is exactly there that Toma happens to be. Not understanding the situation and wondering why she had collapsed there, Toma whispers softly to her, "I will protect you".

Up until then, Toma had always been an older brother-like figure to her, watching her from a close distance. His feelings of wanting to protect and love the heroine are so strong, that it is for this reason his mind also becomes unstable...

( ---Spoilers: Toma's Self-Introduction, in collab with other characters. ) See end of post below.

Ukyo (CV: Miyata Kouki)

Age: 24?
Full of mystery < The Joker >

"I don't remember how many times I have met you and parted from you, but I still love you, even now."

A peculiar young man who pops up everywhere. He gives mysterious warnings for the heroine and leaves.
Does he want to protect the heroine, or does he want to harm her?

His real intentions and goals are wrapped in mystery.

(*not entirely sure he's playable just yet, but most probably!)

( ---Spoilers: Ukyo's Self-Introduction, in collab with other characters. ) See end of post below.


Sawa (CV: Moriya Satomi)

Female university student with a bright and sporty personality. It appears that she is good friends with the heroine and speaks to her in a close and friendly way. She speaks in a very lively way, but is someone one can rely on.

Mine (CV: Akutsu Kana)

The heroine's junior at the place where she works part-time. Aware of her own cuteness and steps up her flattery game whenever she sees handsome men. But the fact that she doesn't try to hide that is in a way, honest and is something you can't hate.

Rika (CV: Yoshida Seiko)

A mysterious woman who dresses up like a Lady from two centuries ago.
She appears to be infatuated with Ikki.

Waka (CV: Takahashi Hidenori)

The manager at the place where the heroine works part-time. He is a wise businessman who holds a firm policy. It appears that he has a habit of being too devoted to the ideologies he believes in, and outwardly, he has a little bit of a blown-away behaviour.

Among the characters, he is the only one whose personality changes depending on the route. Each 'manager' is very unique in his own way, but the only thing which doesn't change is his love for his shop.

Understanding the World;

The Game, in more depth

In this game, the world is independent depending on which route (boyfriend) you choose at the beginning. For this, you can enjoy stand-alone routes immediately from the start of the game. There is no common route.

Also, the settings for each character which appear will change depending on which route you're playing.

(For example: In Shin's route, he is the childhood friend, but in Ikki's route, Shin is just another workmate, etc.)

However, the personality or nature of the character whose route you're playing will not change.

(Only the character's position and environmental settings change, not their characteristics.)

The enjoyment of the relationship between different characters for each world is one of the appeals of this game.

Before the heroine lost her memory, how was her daily life like with each character? The 'he' who appears before the heroine after she loses her memory, is he really a person who deserves her trust? The story's mysteries and developments are completely different for each route. Due to her lost of memory, the heroine doesn't have any memories of 'him' who is her boyfriend. Through the course of the story, she learns of 'his' personality and the relationships with those around her, and nurtures a new love. It depends on the player to retrieve the lost love and memories, on top of clearing someone's story.

Do please enjoy the various love affairs!

System Information;

The Game, how it works

The Flow of the Game:

Across approximately a one-month time span from when the heroine awakes on the 1st of August after losing her memory. She makes her way through planning interactions with 'him' who appears to be her boyfriend and retrieving her lost memories by investigating her past and the people around her.

Orion, who plays a supporting role, is a reliable presence who will occasionally give advice and sometimes provide subtle interferences. Although he is trapped inside the heroine's mind, he can freely block off his feelings. It seems he can combine and arrange the convenience of being a spirit, such as being able to voice the thoughts in his mind.

The cell phone is an important information source!

While you are still unsure of the information from your surroundings, your cell phone is a good source for information. You can assess the contents of the messages you receive from your boyfriend, and is also a place where you must think about which action is the most appropriate to take.

Of course, you will also receive calls from people you don't recognize!

Make your choices with caution!

Until you retrieve your memory, the choices you make are your main assertions. Make the best choices based on your opponent's reactions and your relationship up until now!

If you make the wrong choice, they may become distrustful or suspicious...

...or will that raise their suspicion about your memory?!

Explaining the different parameters

The game has 3 parameters which will increase or decrease depending on your choices.

  • Heroine's Affection
  • The heroine's affections for the capture target. Or also known as the heroine's "Strength of Romance". The higher the parameter, the chances for getting a good ending also increases.

  • Trust Relations
  • This parameter shows how well the relationship between the heroine and the capture target is going, not including the romantic feelings. If the relationship is going well, it'll increase, if not, it'll decrease.

  • Memory Loss Suspicion
  • This parameter increases when the capture target becomes suspicious as to whether or not the heroine is suffering from memory loss. The higher the parameter, the closer to getting a bad ending.

Music and Video;

The themes and promotional clip of the Game


Opening theme: "AWAKE~Upper Region Ver.~" by Satsuki

Ending theme: "SYMPATHY" by Satsuki

BGM: Total 6 tracks by MANYO (Little Wing)

Promotional Video:

Scenarios and Gallery;

The Game, in pictures and dialogue!

Before I start, a reminder that from here on are mild spoilers for the game! Although, I'd only call it 'teasers', or fan service. It's worth a read though, especially the last scenario :) And before you ask, yes, these scenes are official!


Shin: ....Oi, how long are you planning to sleep for?

Shin: It's already 10 o'clock. You're way too drowsy.

( Orion: Eh? But aren't you a hospitalized patient? It's normal to sleep! ....This guy, isn't a person from the hospital, right? Do you know him? )

Shin: ---geez, what are you spacing out for? I'll... make you snap out of it then.

Shin: ....

Shin: .....what, so today you're not going to freak out from embarrassment?

Shin: If you don't hate it, then I won't know when to stop.

Shin: If you're going to be obedient, then I'm going to keep going further. Are you saying that's fine with you?

Shin: .....? You're seriously half-asleep.

Shin: I'm going to complete the discharge procedures. Until then, change. When I come back, I'm just going to come in without saying anything.

Shin: Well then, see you in a bit.


Woman 1: Oh, Ikkiiii~ Don't say that! Stay a little longer~

Woman 2: Just leave that boring girlfriend of yours and let's all go hang out~

Ikki: Like I said, today I can't. I already have plans.

Woman 1: Don't say something like that~

Woman 3: Then Ikki, if it's not today, will you still hang out with us?

Ikki: Of course. If you time it right.

Women: Kyaaaaaa~ yay!

Ikki: Well, I'll be off then. Although my girlfriend will wait however long for me, but at this rate, even the sun will set.

Woman 1: Next time, you must hang out with us!

Woman 2: Definitely!

Ikki: Yes yes, I understand.

Woman 3: Geez, just hurry up and break up with your girlfriend already!


Kent: I'm saying this after another guy patted you on the head, but it's not that I'm.... so close-minded as to be jealous.

Kent: That's something normal within the boundaries of skinship between parent-children and friends. It's not something special.

Kent: And so, I won't hold back either. It's not like I secretly want to pat you on the head, so why should I hold back?

Kent: You also obediently let him pat you, so that means you don't dislike it.

Kent: .......

Kent: .....I'm sorry.

Kent: .....but you, why did you let him pat you without saying anything?

Kent: That guy's one fast worker. He may be caressing your head, but you don't know when it might be the shoulders or the waist next.

Kent: Yes, of course he is my friend. There's no way he'll dare steal my partner. I suppose he was merely picking on me.

Kent: Of course I understand that. However, even should he not have that intention, there is no guarantee that your heart won't be moved by it.

Kent: Is it close-minded... that while I am hesitating even with my hold on your hand, I feel that your heart may be moved by him?

Kent: The fact that I feel afraid, that you may be stolen by him who is used to treating ladies and is able to easily create comfortable atmospheres, is...

Kent: .....is that saying I don't show understanding?

Kent: ............

Kent: To me, just having your hair touched is all I can take.


Heroine: *crying*

Shin: I'm fixing it for you now, so just wait a bit!

Toma: .........it'll be fine, so don't cry, okay?


Ukyo: Ah....

Ukyo: ....this place is....

Ukyo: .....ah, damn..... so I'm...... still alive......

Ukyo: .....once again....... I.......

Ukyo: Have yet to break free..... from this world......


Shin: Then, let's practice. I'll play the customer, you serve.

Heroine: Welcome, Sir.

Shin: ..........did you even listen properly to what I just told you?

Shin: Let's start again. It's "Welcome back, Master".

Heroine: Welcome back, Master.

Shin: ......right.

Shin: Uh... then you show them to their seat and hand out the menu.

Shin: After that, you bring them some water and say, "I'll come and take your order when you have decided".

Shin: Then, until you are called, watch the customer some distance away. You'll be called by the customer then.

Shin: ......please take my order.

Heroine: Have you decided, Master?

Shin: ......yeah.

Shin: ...........

Shin: .....what kind of torture is this......

Shin: Nothing. Uh, order, right.

Shin: I'll have a Maid's Coffee Set, and a Banana Tart.

Shin: And, when they order, repeat their order back for confirmation. Then, go to the kitchen.

Heroine: Yes, Master.

Shin: ..........

Shin: Say, can I jump you?

Shin: I guess I can't, huh. Ah, what the hell. This is too torturous. Hurry up, and get here already, Toma...


Ikki: ..........

Ikki: .....So you won't close your eyes, huh.

Ikki: It's hard to kiss you like this. Is that... resistance?

Ikki: If you don't want to, I won't do it though. But, do you really not want it.....?

Ikki: I guess I'm just flattering myself to think that you might have fallen in love with me....?

Ikki: Hey, close your eyes....

Ikki: .....I won't do anything scary.....

Ikki: ......I still can't? This princess won't quite fall for me, huh.

Ikki: I thought for sure it would have happened this time. Taking advantage of your moment of weakness was the cause of my defeat, I guess.

Ikki: Even though there's only one more month left, I have to rebuild your trust from scratch, huh. This is the first time I had to put up such a tough fight.


Kent: I see..... that's good then. I wasn't sure if I could surprise you with this.

Kent: I'm a stubborn person, so I think there are many things you would want in a relationship which I can't give you.

Kent: But, I'll do what I can to answer to your wishes. For that, I don't regret my efforts.

Kent: ......well, in any case, I just want to make you happy.


The heroine went to hang out with Kent and her work colleagues at an indoor pool. Kent, who lost his composure after seeing the heroine in her swimmers...

Kent: Don't you understand the danger of letting a man you're dating see your bare skin?

Kent: No, of course I'm not saying that it's fine for you to show other men either.

Kent: ........oh, forget it. Come here.


Toma: ........eh? .....wha... huh?

Toma: .........oh........

Toma: ............sorry. I was half asleep thinking you're awfully big.

Toma: Hang on, you should show some dislike too. It's not like you voluntarily let yourself be hugged.

Toma: Oh damn it all, was dreaming of the past the reason.......

Toma: ........you're warm.

Toma: You were so little back then, to think you've gotten so much bigger.....

Toma: Wait, this is something a Dad would feel. Ah, but your cuteness hasn't changed.....

Toma: .........

Toma: ........the end. Let go.


Shin: Ah..... I'm tired.

Shin: Just for a while, let me stay like this. ..........heal me.

Shin: You're so warm. It feels like I'm holding a puppy. So soft, it feels nice.

Shin: If I use more strength, I'd probably crush you. You're really soft. ......I feel relieved.

Shin: .........it's you who's here, right? The one I'm holding, is you, right?

Shin: This is the first time we've been away this long from each other, I'm confused.

Heroine: I missed you.......

Shin: ......what the. You've learned to say some cute things.

Shin: I guess making you lonely wasn't all for nothing then. Or something.

Shin: .....no, sorry. That was a joke. I didn't do it on purpose.


Ikki: ......what are you getting restless for?

Ikki: What's wrong? Did your memory fly off after one day of rest?

Ikki: You remind me of the day you just started.

Ikki: See, just bring out the glass and put in the flakes. And on top of that, whipped cream.

Ikki: Then, after you line up the fruits and add icecream, dust on the chocolate. There, finished.

Ikki: What's wrong? Did you forget?


Toma: Ah, I understand. That's a necessity, right. Then I'll wait in front of the store. The store is over there, I think......

Shop Assistant: The one over here is your boyfriend, right? Come in, come in!

Shop Assistant: Coming here together, normally you would choose together, of course.

Toma: Eh, no, I-

Shop Assistant: Um, the ones selling well are over here. The chiffon camisole set and pack is lovely...

Toma: That's not what I-

Shop Assistant: Ah, but your girlfriend suits these kind of visible bras. Match it with an outer top and show the lace of the bra.

Toma: Like I said, that-

Shop Assistant: There is also a rich, Little Devil Bra line over here. It's sexy! In the meantime, I'll go and measure her size!

Toma: Size...

Shop Assistant: Yep, if she's this size, then I'll recommend this one, I think. Hmm... Oh, shall we have her try it on?

Toma: T-Try?

Shop Assistant: Then, Mr. Boyfriend, you wait over here. And Ms. Girlfriend, when you're done changing, let me know, I'll open up for you, okay?

Toma: ---------!?

Shop Assistant: Ah! That's super cute! What do you think, Mr. Boyfriend? It suits her, doesn't it?

Shop Assistant: Then, now shall we try on this elegant-styled one here and the imported one?

Shop Assistant: This one is popular~ It feels very good on the hands~ Mr. Boyfriend, would you like to have a feel?

Shop Assistant: Then, hm... Ah, Mr. Boyfriend, you shouldn't do that... leaving just like that!

(All character self-intros are here. Spoilers alert.)

LOL I hope that was enjoyable!

They also have a serial column, with a 3-chaptered mini story about the characters... which I don't know if I feel up to translating ;; lol

Anyway, I read some comments in various forums about the weird sense of fashion, but I don't know. It did say 'fictional land', who's to say that's not considered normal there? A thousand years ago, our present-day clothes are considered weird too... nevertheless, the art is quite amazing :)

So, is Amnesia on your To-Play list? :)

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